2017, A disastrous year

America as a whole has had many costly natural disasters this past year not in just money but in the lives of many Americans as well. These are the top five disasters of 2017.

*not in order of importance.

#5: Hurricane Maria: Hurricane Maria was Puerto Rico’s worst hurricane in years as it has left the island with no electricity. This hurricane while not the worst in damage cost or loss of life still hit puerto rico with 52 casualties, and $95 billion in damage, leaving the island residents devastated.

#4: California wildfires: California was bombarded with dozens of fires in what is the worst wildfire outbreak in California’s history. Since I can’t cover them all I will list only the two record breaking fires.The Tubbs fire started in October 8th, and proceeded to be the most destructive fire so far, while the Thomas fire began in December 4th and was the largest fire in California history covering 440 sq. miles.Both these fires combined cost about 1.4 billion dollars not counting the other small and not so small dozen fires.

#3: Church shooting: In the small town of Sutherland Springs, Texas, the gunman, Patrick Kelley, opened fire on a church on November 5th. Kelley ended up killing 26 people before the police arrived on the scene. By then, though, Kelley had escaped and was driving to the next county. However he didn’t get far because before he escaped he crashed his car and was found dead inside. Among the 26 lives lost were children, a pregnant woman and the pastor’s daughter.

#2: Las Vegas shooting: On October 1st Stephen paddock rained down bullets from his hotel suite onto a music festival. With so many people left injured and 58 people dead this is known to be the deadliest mass shooting in the united states committed by one person. When the police arrived on the scene and broke into the shooters apartment on the 32nd floor they found he had committed suicide with a shot to the brain.

#1: Hurricane Harvey: On August 25th this hurricane hit Texas causing major flooding, and took the lives of 82 people. It was also the second most damaging hurricane  in U.S. history right next to Katrina. The damage could cost up to 180 billion dollars. Many people were left without homes to go back to.

Despite many people still affected by these tragedies, I would like to spread love to all the people who have lost something or someone of importance to them. Although these were not just minor setback, America will bounce back.


Welcome to 2018.