Lady Vikes end season with playoff bid

With the Lady Vikes volleyball season completed,the girls prepare for next season and make it their goal to make it past the first round of playoffs and improve their district standing.

“I am very proud of what we accomplished this season” said senior Hannah Ranke  “I feel like it was a very successful season overall.”

With the mindset of improving their district standings, the ladies plan on training harder and consistently to accomplish their next season goals.

“I think we could have focused more on fixing what was on our side of the net and not theirs” said senior Olivia Arnott.

The loss of playoffs resulted in heartbreak and disappointment from not only the girls, but the coaches.

“I feel like the weapons we had were matched up with the weapons they had” said head coach of varsity volleyball Coach Woodman.

The team’s heartbroken over the seven seniors leaving this year, and the relationships/bonds they have built with them.

“Having such a strong bond with my teammates definitely improved our play overall. Our chemistry while playing allowed us to play our best” said senior Hannah Ranke.

Though, this was the seniors last year playing Lamar volleyball, they made an impact on the girls, coaches and court plays. While doing so, they learned valuable life lessons from being apart of the team.

“I learned a lot of life lessons that you don’t learn in school” said senior Olivia Arnott “and it has taught me how to work in a team.”

Gabby Rosete

Hi all! My name is Gabriela Rosete, but most people call me Gabby. I am a senior this year. I am the sports editor for the newspaper, so most of the sports stories you read will likely be written by me. I play Varsity soccer here and have been on varsity for three years now. I plan on attending Texas A&M Corpus Christi but I'm keeping my options open. I hope to major in Nursing and minor in Journalism. I will eventually have to attend college for six years to become a nurse anesthetist but I am so excited for the future!