Has technology gone to far?

Google held its annual I/O conference on May 8 with one of the most controversial announcements made: the Google Assistant, which will now be able to make phone calls for you. This new system appears off putting to consumers and technology experts, who have found it creepy and unsettling.

“It may seem deceitful for Google assistant to talk to someone on the phone without the person knowing he/she is visiting with a virtual assistant,” AISD Director of Instructional Technology Elita Driskill said. “It’s almost akin to recording a phone conversation without asking someone’s permission to record or not.”

Google Assistant has received several upgrades ever since its release in early 2016. These developments have brought to the table a question: Has technology gone too far?

“New technology often seems scary because it is asking us to change the way we do things,” Driskill said. “Technology can be used for our benefit and can have unintentional adverse effects.”

Technology has gone further and further as years have passed, feeling more risky and unsafe than ever before. With the Google Assistant mimicking your voice over the phone, risks of identity theft rise.

“Like all technology, there are safety risks,” Driskill said. “It provides ways that people can gain access and misuse information.”

Technology won’t stop evolving, and there will always be certain risks that come along with those changes. Only time will tell how far technology can go and where it will take us.