American sign language

American sign language (ASL) is a hand/sign motion language that deaf people use to interact with one another.

“Well there are more deaf people out in the world than you think,” sophomore Abigail Smith. “It’s very helpful if you meet someone that you can talk to them. It also makes them very happy because not a lot of hearing people know ASL. The fact that I know it means I’m making an effort.”

The ASL class is taught by Mrs. Tammy Raglin who has been part of the deaf community for 25 years now.

“The point is to see how much they retain from last year to this year because everything rolls together so it’s not like ‘we learned this in chapter one so we don’t have to do it again.’ No. It all comes back.”

The class will continue to improve its ASL skills and develop an appreciation for the language

“ASL can help with social skills” Raglin said. “It helps with reading body language and what people are really thinking and not what they’re saying.”