AT&T Net Neutrality

On January 24, 2018 AT&T’S CEO, Randall Stephenson, stated he is calling on congress to pass the Net Neutrality Law.

Stephenson wants congress to establish an “Internet Bill of Rights” that enforces “Neutrality, transparency, openness, non- discrimination and privacy protection” for all American internet users. “ They would not only defend consumer rights, but establish ‘consistent rules of the road’, Stephenson states.

“In my opinion i don’t think congress should pass the internet bill of rights because it’ll just be more money for us, the people, to pay.” states Sophomore Janneth Lopez

AT&T blocked customers from Facetime or any other kind of video chat till customers upgraded to a much more expensive back in 2012.

Some customers were angry stating “AT&T blocked iPhones from Facetime.“

Sophomore Rania Alkhatib added “I don’t think that the government cares what the citizens have to say even though we are in a democracy, but if it comes into say I don’t think the companies are going to actually do it if they are aware of the customers feelings.”

No actions have been made since Stephenson, although many believe the internet service providers won the battle against FCC to strike down net neutrality.

“It’s wack and it isn’t optimistic.” says Junior Ulisess Miranda