AVID looking for new Coordinator

AVID stands for “Advancement Via Individual Determination.” The program helps prepare its students for college by teaching them organization, critical thinking, and teamwork skills.

“We currently do not have an AVID coordinator,” former coordinator Dr. Fogleman said. “Instead, all of us are working together until the role is filled.”

Mr. Davis is still the assistant principal in charge of AVID, and Ronald “Curt” Simmons stands as the contact person.

“What they did was split up the responsibilities between Coach Skinner and I,” Mr. Simmons said.

Simmons handles the “many hours” of paperwork and Skinner handles the tutors for the student’s tutorials. Simmons also has several classes of AVID II and III students.

“We’re like a team without a captain this year, so we decided to do it as a team,” Simmons said. “Everyone is doing a good job.”

Simmons also mentioned that the AVID program here in Lamar is so effective because other teachers also put in AVID curriculum into their teaching, such as Cornell and focus notes.

“AVID will never leave my heart,” Dr. Fogleman said. “My AVID family means a great deal to me.”


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