photo credit: Walt Disney

Black Panther Review

The marvel studio movie Black Panther was not only a success it was also worth the hype. I was excited when I saw the trailer. After I saw the trailer it was my mission to see the movie.

Black Panther’s first appearance on a Marvel mainstream movie was on Captain America: Civil War. Marvel fans had been waiting for a solo movie about the Black Panther for years.

I was excited to see a lot of familiar faces in the movie like Michael B Jordan and Angela Bassett. The movie was beyond fantastic and the storyline was amazing and it made me want to see it again, and it makes me excited for another black panther.

My favorite part of the movie was the action scenes, and what was going on during the scenes. There was a lot going on in the scenes, but I could still see who the good guys were, and who the bad guys were. The storyline was great, and it kept you guessing.

The thing that I enjoyed the most about the movie was that it was based in Africa, and that it represented the culture well.