Blue Curtain Steps Outside Comfort Zone with “Leading Ladies”

Blue Curtain started the fall season with their latest play, “Leading Ladies”. The play featured not only a unique cast of characters, but also a wonderfully fun story as well that performed from October 25th through the 27th.  

The Leading Ladies play featured a pair of down in their luck actors, played by Danny Bass and Ryan Long in their adventure to gain an old woman’s fortune in a particularly surprising way that’ll leave the audience roaring with laughter.  

“So, these two actors, they’re really bad and they have no money, and they really need money so they see in the paper that this woman is giving away her inheritance to her nieces but she can’t find them,” said Bass. “And so, when Leo and Jack see this, they’re like ‘let’s dress up as her nieces so we can get the money!’” 

The biggest thing to most who’ve heard of the play had to be the cross-dressing between the two leads in order to get away with their scheme, and while to some it may seem odd, it fosters most of the humor as the two try to hide their secret from the rest of the cast.  

“When I first heard that I was going to be cross-dressing I was reluctant,” said Ryan Long. “But when we got my wigs and my dresses it really helped me settle into my character and it’s been such a cool experience.”  

It starts off the year big and loud, with something far from the mainstream’s idea of theatre. It’s bright, bombastic and provides something for everyone to enjoy. 

“It’s super fun,” Said Bass. “I don’t really get embarrassed too easily so I just love doing stupid things on stage. So, when me and Ryan get into our whole drag makeup and stuff it’s just such a fun dynamic.” 

Alongside the two colorful main characters, there’s also a whole variety of others, including Meg Snider played by Danielle Broyles.  

“Meg starts off a very innocent young woman who loves Shakespeare,” Said Broyles. “And as she gets to know Leo/Maxine, she loses her innocence and starts to become comfortable in herself.”  

However, perhaps the most noticeable change to some would be the change in director, with Mr. Steck leaving and having his place taken by Patrick Holcomb. And while some may have been wary, he’s more than proven himself with this latest production. 

“Mr. Holcomb is incredible. When Mr. Steck left, I didn’t know if anyone could come so close as to how amazing he was, but he directs really well and he’s kind, he’s hilarious, and he’s willing to work with you.” said Long. 

For many who managed to come, Leading Ladies was both a remarkably bright kickoff to the new year, and a promising introduction of what’s to come.  

“I feel like sometimes when you go to a play you expect it to be this super confusing, ‘you got to think super deep’ kind of thing but Leading Ladies is an easy show to follow and it’s super funny,” said Bass.  “It’s a really good show for anyone who’s not really used to going to theatre.”

Katy Nelson

Since the age of 10, I've absolutely adored writing with all of my heart, and have wanted nothing more to craft something worthwhile with the written word. In my free-time, I enjoy drawing, reading, and helping those around me! I truly hope with my writings I'm able to leave this earth better than how it was when I arrived.