Blue Curtain to put on Little Shop of Horrors

Blue Curtain Productions will be putting on Little Shop of Horrors, the last of four shows this year, on May 31st as well as June 1st and 2nd in the Steven D. Morris Auditorium.

“My last musical at Lamar has been a bittersweet experience” said Senior Chyna Dillard, playing one of six doo-wops in the show. “It’s sad that this is the last time I’ll be performing on a Lamar stage but the experience has been worthwhile.”

Ticket prices are $6 for students and $12 for adults. The profits will be used to fund next year’s fall musical.

“We hope to make at least $8,000 off of ticket sales,” said director and theater teacher, Kathryn Krueger. “And that will end up funding our productions for next year.”

So what funded this large production? The group tried all kinds of fundraisers, such as Snap-raise, popcorn catalogues, and teaming up with Nothing Bundt Cakes to raise the money.

“We have been working very hard to fundraise to create a budget for this production as we do not get much money from the district,” said Krueger.

The musical will also feature elementary kids in the show, which will increase the turnout, and as a result, increase profit.

“I also hope that by including elementary schoolers from Butler that we’ll have a new group of people come in to see our wonderful production,” said Krueger.

The group hopes for a good turnout of people to enjoy the show.


Staff writer Alma Fleeman contributed to this story.