Celebrity Wins and Losses at Met Gala

The 2018 Met Gala, arguably the largest and most prominent fashion event in recent events, has come and gone. However, the outfits created with the ‘heavenly bodies and catholic imagination’ theme certainly have not.  

Some of the most prominent styles can be seen with stars such as Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Lena Waithe, Rhianna, or SZA with their angelic designs and creative appeal that appeared to touch all different ideas of heaven in equally beautiful ways.  

Yet the one that seems to have utterly stolen the show is Zendaya, with a style reflecting that of the Saint, Joan of Arc. The metallic, elegant style of Versace with the vibrancy of the flaming red curls of hair not only left viewers awestruck, but brought an excitement for the event that’s rarely seen. 

Even some seemingly unlikely picks surprised us all with their style and beauty, a particular example being with that of Chadwick Boseman with his golden toned Versace drenched in catholic symbolism and details absolutely outshining in a way that so many others simply couldn’t. 

However, the reasoning behind it seems awfully simple.  

Those who succeeded, actually happened to follow the theme.  

This isn’t to say however, that those who didn’t weren’t dressed nicely – but they didn’t give the impact that was needed and expected from arguably the most monumental fashion event in the world. If anything, wearing the typical suit and tie or red dress like Miley Cyrus, Karli Kloss, or Bradley Cooper wore is the biggest insult you could give to such an event.  

The Met Gala is meant to inspire and to draw the pure and absolute creativity from people and into the spotlight. To disregard that to go with the bare minimum or the usual is perhaps the worst thing that could be done – for it fails to inspire, or to even hold a person’s gaze for more than a second.  

The Gala revolves around art, and the beauty within it – to brighten those vivid colors and patterns and display them in gowns and suits in ways we’d never imagined.  

To ignore that is to dampen the artistry and let the colors wash away to nothing but a blank, empty canvas. 

However, the thing about a blank canvas, is you can always start again, and add the colors it was meant to have.