Coachella Comes to an End

Story by Shelby Hudgens and Alma Fleeman

Coachella, an annual music festival taking place in mid-April, draws in crowds like no other. People, ranging from the hottest celebrities to everyday people who’ve got a little extra cash to spare, attended this 10-day Californian event.

“It’s more about the looks then the ideology. Let’s not forget: it’s the Instagram generation,” said Anupreet Bhui, senior editor for the global street style at the trend forecasting agency, WGSN, in an interview with CNN.

Thus, the music isn’t the only thing that makes this event popular. Since the start of Coachella in 1999, people have been eager to share their style at this widely-known event.

“It’s a hippie look mixed with grunge elements,” said Bhui.

The men who attend range from that hippie-grunge style that the girls typically take on to muscle shirts, or even no shirts at all. As much as this event is a way to show new fashion-forward trends, it still has other exciting elements. After all, it is a music festival.

“Being what people consider a Californian band and being able to play the biggest festival in California- maybe the biggest festival in the country- is really, really special,” said local LA band LANY in an interview with entertainment news site, Aol.

 Coachella is truly a magical thing, whether you’re attending or performing.