Go, Fight, Win!

Many people think cheerleading is not a sport,not only is it not your typical “team against team” sport, but some of the teams consist of coed squads. However, just like any other sport it requires hard work, dedication, and hours of practice. All things needed to get the girls and the boys ready to compete in competitions to win a title for their schools.

For a couple of years, Lamar high School has been involved in cheerleading competitions like UIL, Nationals, and Regionals. The practices are hosted at the Spirit of Texas gym two times a week for a couple of hours.

“The practices are really hard because sometimes they push you past your limits. “said Maria Estrada.

Competitive cheer is when squads compete against each other, each team performing a two and a half minute routine that includes stunts, tumbling, and jumps. After that each team is judged by a panel who decides if they move on to the next competition,where they compete with other schools in their district.

“Im really excited to compete with other schools, even if we don’t win, it would be a great experience to enjoy with my teammates.” said Stephanie Valencia.

If Lamar high school won the competition it would be a great victory for the school, winning them a trophy, and giving them the honor to be known as the school for having the one of the best cheerleading teams in the district.

“It would be wonderful if we win, but the skills learned from competition is what is most important to our program,” said Coach Bryant.

The girls who are on the competition squad are :

Naarah Addae             Payton Earley         Kathryn Geer            Cassidy Hoffman     Kristen Lackey

Callie Ballard              Maria Estrada        Hannah Harris          Martha Izaguirre     Karina Laureles

Mallory Cobbs           Jamye Gammon     Lauren Heltmach      Kennedy Key            Brooke Scott

Sarah Crawford         Emily Garcia           Alvina Hernandez     Hannah Kough        Maddie Shehorn

Zoe Silver                   Britney Stewart       Lily Stober                Stephanie Valencia    Megan Warmus

A’Jia Williams           Jalynn Wiscombe    Caitlin Woods              Jade Young                   Madison Young


Naarah Addae

My name is Naarah-Moriah Addae. I am currently a senior and a part of the Varsity Cheer team. I have been a part of the Lamar Scroll for two years now and I enjoy writing features, and on a rare occasion sports stories. I plan on attending NYU and studying pre-law, and then moving into criminal law.