Holdsworth Program Entering Schools

As of late, the school seems to be entering a brand new program to inspire leadership and growth among the school community. This program, being the Holdsworth Center’s Campus Leadership program, is set to develop and encourage strength and improvement throughout the schools – and Lamar is set to be one of the first.

The Holdsworth Center’s Campus Leadership Program is beginning with five starting schools – involves some schools like Young Junior High, Crouch, Crow, Hale, and Pearcy elementary schools. The program itself is said to be a heavy and intense 2-year experience that will allow the schools to advance and handle the heavy-hitting issues typically surrounding our environments.

“In short, it will translate to a deeper, better, understanding of leadership that the individuals involved will then be able to share and impart with others,” said principal Andy Hagman. “So the intent is for the quality and the breadth of leadership to be developed and distributed at participating campuses.”

Learning from world-class experts, teachers and leaders hope to improve the learning environment by tackling ‘practice problems’. These can be set into a spectrum with the typical day-to-day issues and the most concerning one – with the altogether goal of creating a more efficient and put-together environment for students and educators alike.

“Each campus that is participating has five people that are participating,” said Hagman. “At least two of them are teachers and so these individuals will identify a problem and in collaboration with other participating school districts and with other individuals from the Holdsworth Center, the idea is that over periods of time and sessions there’s going to be intense working situations to work on that problem of practice.”

Nothing as of yet has been identified specifically as a ‘practice problem’ at Lamar, but soon enough with time something should come into fruition and with that, hopefully improvement that benefits not only the district but those within the school as well.

“Leadership is about being able to see things holistically and to align your resources and efforts of multiple people so that you are moving to a resolution of goals,” said Hagman. “So if we can have more people who are skilled in leadership we can accomplish more on our campus.”