HOSA Hosts Blood Drive

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All day last thursday, HOSA has been working with Carter Blood Care to host a blood drive, where around 60 students are expected to donate blood.

“We’re here to organize and help set up the event.” said HOSA member Jada Porter.

HOSA president Noor A. expected around 106 units of blood by the end of the day.

Upon speaking with some students, we learned that quite a lot of people are squeamish about the process.

First-time donor Leza Llamas mentioned “I’m nervous, but mostly I’m just happy to help people who need it.”

Not everyone can donate, though. HOSA members reminded students and faculty in the waiting area to drink lots of water as they had already had to turn down many people. Make sure to be in good shape, eat healthy, and drink lots of water or they might turn you away.