Student IDs are checked daily by security guards and staff. Photo Credit: Grayson McGeath

Enforcement of IDs posing inconvenience to students

The school year has begun, and new rules and regulations have been put in place for both students and staff, due to many tragic events that took place in 2018, including 23 school shootings where someone was hurt or killed. These events have lead to a whole new epidemic for school safety.

Starting on the first day of school this year, teachers, APs, and security guards have been enforcing the need for students to have their IDs around their necks at all times. This rule has been put in place for the safety of all students and staff members. However, many students find it to be an inconvenience.

“It’s pointless to wear a picture of yourself revealing way too much information around your neck.”, said sophomore AJ Ortiz.

Although it can be difficult to understand the need for IDs, there are many instances where they would be imperative. For instance, if there is an incident where a student gets injured, staff and medical examiners will need to identify the student immediately so they can contact their parents. With the shootings that have taken place this past year, it is also important that school staff can ensure that each and every person that enters the building is a student at Lamar.

“IDs must be worn at all times including football games, and juniors and seniors must wear them at lunch in order to go off campus.” said principal Andy Hagman. “I started doing some research…and one of the things that was reiterated was… the need for first responders and personel to identify students rapidly┬áin order to help eliminate possible suspects and account for students.”

You can help make Lamar High School more secure by remembering to have your ID on when you walk in the doors every morning and complying with the rules the administrators have put in place. If you see someone defying the safety measures, remind them of the reasons for wearing identification during the school day.

“IDs will help pave the way to a safer school.”, said sophomore Will Crain.

Emily Gauntt

My name is Emily Gauntt and I love writing all kinds of stories for the Lamar Scroll! I'm involved in choir and Madrigals show choir, and I love singing and dancing. I'm privileged to be the junior editor this year!! I hope to attend Baylor and go into the medical field after high school.