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Kick off to Robotics

Robotics is kicking of the year picking up silver and gold with their Rover that is sure to wow competitors.

Denis Pugh is the sponsor of Lamar’s Robotics team, which consists of 18 members. The team holds meetings every day after school, besides Wednesdays and Sundays, to work on their robots. The sections in the team are the builders, graphic designers, marketing, programmers, and the notebook. No, their ‘notebook’ is not the movie, but an actual online journal used to record their entire building process.

The competitions they compete in are from Boosting Engineering Science and Technology (BEST) and For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST). Most years, the team choses First Technology Challenge (FTC) over First Robotics Challenge (FRC) under FIRST. In FTC, they have to build everything from scratch, carving and cutting out their own gears from wood and other given materials.

This year with FTC theme Rover, Robotics is currently building a robot that picks up certain items that represent silver and gold.

Nominated by her robotics team, Scarlett Spindler was crowned this year’s Homecoming Queen. Spindler, now a senior, has been a part of Robotics since her freshman year. Since starting, she has been the only programmer on the team up until this year. Junior Brandon Sabino and freshman Hayden James are currently learning the ropes from Spindler.

Spindler personally favors the FTC competition because there is more codes, making a better challenge. During the first thirty seconds, the robot will only be controlled by programming instead of remote control.

“I want to do computer science when I grow up,” Spindler said.

Students could join the Robotics team from Viking Fest or when the team visited elementaries and middle schools. Joining requires no previous knowledge, just a “willingness to learn.”

“Robotics is offered so people can learn,” said Spindler. “It’s a place for everyone.”

Working closely with each other almost daily, Robotics builds robots as well as team building skills.

“Like a little family,” Cooper said.

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