Lamar celebrates Cinco De Mayo

To commemorate Cinco de Mayo, the foreign language electives (French and Spanish) came together to re-enact the Battle of Pueblo.

“This event taught us the history of Spain and how they broke away from France.” Said, junior,¬† Sofia Hernandez.

The students of the Spanish and French classes were dressed in different colors to separate the different countries. Speeches were said by students explaining how important this battle was to the Mexican culture.

“I was able to learn that by the Spanish sticking together, they were able to defeat the french and become their own nation,” Hernandez said. “It was eye-opening to see that not only did hispanic show up to this event but other races and ethnic groups as well.”

Many of the students that participated were seniors that have been apart of the language arts for years.

“This was the last event that I would be able to dance with my girls, I have been teaching the dances to them¬† for three years and it will be sad to go” said senior, Evelyn Garcia.