Lamar Celebrates Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is the french word for FAT TUESDAY. In the United States it is typically honored with copious amounts of parades and food in New Orleans, LA.

This year the holiday was celebrated by the viking family.

The French Dept. had a Mardi Gras float and mask competition for all of its French classes. The students in French I created masks and French II, PAP III, AP and IB created floats.

“Some of the floats had a lot of creativity, and we were easily able to see the theme,” said Madame Manigault.

To acknowledge how well the students can understand the culture, the department came up with this competition that will likely become a new lamar tradition.

“Building the floats was actually pretty fun and educational, I think my favorite part was amount of creativity and putting the whole float together,” Kaya Jefferson, junior, member of the IBrocrastinators Krewe.