As students move through the years, most only have one principal per school. But for some, 2018 Lamar Seniors, they have retained the same principal for the last 6 years. Before beginning his journey at Lamar, Mr. Hagman was the principal of Shackelford Junior High.

“It feels a little weird to know that I will have to go to a school without him as my principal,” said senior Madilyn Curtis.

For this years senior “prank”, the¬†Shackelford¬†senior alumni, each wrote a heart felt message on a neon notecard and placed the notecards inside of balloons. The balloons were placed in Mr. Hagman’s office as a special thank you for his six years as their principal.

“He is literally my favorite person ever,” said senior Michelle Tackett. “Even on his worst days, although no one would know, he is always smiling.”

As a principal, Mr. Hagman, is constantly seeking out new ways to improve the way his students learn to work together.

“At shack we learned to “LOVE SHACK,” which means that no matter how big or small we were, we were all family and as patriots we all stuck together.” said senior Utibe Ekpenyong.

When the class of 2018 made their transition over to high school with Mr. Hagman, they brought along a saying that was new to Lamar: PRIDE

Preparedness, Respect, Integrity, Determination, and Encouragement

“When I first heard of it, I was a little skeptical but now I that I am in college I actually use it sometimes.” Yenessy Davis, Lamar Alumni. “I actually miss seeing him sweep the outside patio every lunch, even though he didn’t even have too.”