No Vote, No Voice

As November approaches, voters will be lining up to vote for their local midterm elections. For some, this is their very first time voting for a candidate, and many of them are faced with lots of questions about how to register, who to vote for, and if their vote will even matter in this election. Even though the midterm elections are not very popular, many first time voters have already contemplated which candidate to vote for and how that person will help voice their opinions and put it into effect.

“I really want to vote for the midterm election but I’m not really sure if my vote will actually influence the government.” said senior Fredrick Addae.

Midterm elections happen halfway between presidential elections. Two members of the House Of Representatives are up for election every two years, and they serve for a six year term. Although studies show that less people participate in the midterm election than general elections. Newly turned 18 year olds are jumping at the chance to voice their opinion which will overall have a huge impact on the legislation that passes through Congress.

“What led me to want to vote was seeing people my age actually taking action after the tragic Parkland High School in shooting in February,”┬ásaid senior Jkeil Anderson. “It was inspiring to see people my age have a voice in politics.”

Everyone who has not voted should be highly encouraged to vote whether it’s your first time or not, because choosing someone to represent and speak for you and your community will ultimately impact our lives for the better.


Naarah Addae

My name is Naarah-Moriah Addae. I am currently a senior and a part of the Varsity Cheer team. I have been a part of the Lamar Scroll for two years now and I enjoy writing features, and on a rare occasion sports stories. I plan on attending NYU and studying pre-law, and then moving into criminal law.