Senior Cade Tresch admits his defeat by showing off his assassination mark committed by Senior Carrington Williams. Photo Cred: Lamar Assassins/Twitter

The land of Scarves and Sharpies

Lamar has commenced the 5th annual Senior assassins game.

The purpose of the game is for an assassin to “kill” their target.

Students are assigned a target and are sent to “kill” them by marking the target with a permanent marker and capturing the kill with a picture as proof of the kill.

“I am participating because this makes me feel like a spy,” senior, Chyna Dillard said.

Most of the assassins go by one rule: Don’t Get Caught.

“My strategy is to be untouchable.” Senior Michelle Tackett said. “I will run and not be seen”

The students are given the basic requirements: No markings to the face and no kills in the classrooms or bathrooms

“The best thing to do is to get your targets schedule and sneak attack.” senior, Katie MacPherson

The students believe that in order to stay alive in the game, they must have allies.

Whether that be students, teachers, or even office administrators.

“During this game I have no friends, only targets.” Said senior Ty’Isha Simpson.

Although they refuse to admit it, it’s hard to believe that some of the teachers don’t get a kick out of it.

“I am going to close the door a minute before the bell rings and watch it turn into a bloodbath.” English teacher Colleen Bryant said.