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Sign Ups Open for PTA Reflections Program

The National PTA Reflections Program is a program that celebrates creativity in forms of dance, literature, film production, visual arts, and music composition. Students are categorized based on divisions by grade or age. Primary includes grades from preschool to grade 2. Intermediate groups from Grades 3-5. Middle School from 6-8.And High School from grades 9-12.

This years National PTA Reflections Program’s theme is “Heroes Around Me”.

“This theme can have multiple levels of meaning to students.  When considering the theme and your art project, it may be helpful to ask yourself questions such as ‘who is a hero in my everyday life?’, ‘who is an inspiration to me?’, and ‘what is my personal connection to my art and the theme?’.” said Lisa Lewis, head of contest.

In order to participate, the student, or at least a household member, must be a current member of the PTA/PTSA where the student is participating. Each Local PTA/PTSA will determine the due date for the participant. Each work that will be presented must be full work by participant, the presented work must be a sole product of the participant, and he/she can not receive help from any other student or adult though that does not mean another student can’t present their work.

If the participant qualifies as a Special Artist under The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) he/she may enter through the grade division, which would put them in the level of grade most closely aligned to their functional abilities, or through the Special Artist Division in which they may receive non-artistic accommodation and help from an adult. If first option is taken, the student will be awarded as part of general student population with no regard to special needs or challenges. If second option is taken, student will be awarded as part of the Special Artist Division.

Students who go to schools not supported by PTA/PTSA are eligible to participate through the Lone Star Statewide PTA1 as long as the student or someone from their primary household becomes a member of PTA before October 31

Copies of application can be found at the library.

Entries due by October 26, 2018

Entries may be submitted to LIBRARY

If you have any questions contact Lisa Lewis at or call 817-915-4505