Responsibility and Where it Lies Today

Blame is something seen so very often today, hardly anyone is surprised when people throw it amongst each other to avoid the consequences of their actions. Yet in the end, it creates a question: Who is truly guilty? 

In today’s world, people so often point fingers and call names that sometimes the adult world seems more similar to a children’s playground than anything else.  

With issues like gun control, The NRA likes to ignore the fact that their support of guns with ‘the right to bear arms’ has resulted in the massacre of countless victims, children and adults alike.  

Yet to mention them, the American government also has to be mentioned, for they’ve simply turned a blind eye to the issue. No true step has been made towards change, and so the blood of all those victims falls to their hands as well.  

This can also spread to the world’s seemingly indifferent view to sexual assault and the view of ‘toxic masculinity’, with those accused of sexual assault facing little to consequences, and the victims facing the scrutiny and hate of conservative media and supporters.  

This can be seen with Louis C.K, a man who admitted himself that he assaulted and harassed multiple women. Yet the world has let him restart his career after a mere nine months of hiatus, starring in his own show where he mocked rape whistles.  

And the women? All they’ve gained is accusations of attention-seeking and a constant flow of criticism from the media and people unable to face the reality that perhaps their favorite celebrity doesn’t quite deserve their fame.  

So, where does the blame lie there? 

It can spread as far back as centuries ago, when sexual assault, harassment, and abuse were seen as normal as blinking or breathing. It was congratulatory for the men and seen as taking control or even ‘putting the women in their place’.  

The long since toxic power placed with men has existed since and even before the creation of today’s religious texts, and they were only encouraged with the passing years. So, the blame could have extended as far back as then, when our ancestors allowed this view to foster and grow.  

However, looking to today, the blame lies with those who give the assaulters – women and men alike – so little of a punishment. Those who allow them to simply return to normal life after their crimes show that the world truly does not care for their victims and continues the abusive cycle.  

So, in truth the blame can extend as far as possible and as close as possible – yet to effectively look to it today, we have to look at those who let it continue today, either by supporting it or simply doing nothing, for that’s where the blame truly lies in the world today. 

When we allow events like these to continue in fear of change or of the public reaction, we essentially say that we don’t care enough about the victims, and we don’t care enough to make any change to secure their safety.  

So, if we actually care, what’re we going to do to make a change? 

And when are we going to do it? 

Katy Nelson

Since the age of 10, I've absolutely adored writing with all of my heart, and have wanted nothing more to craft something worthwhile with the written word. In my free-time, I enjoy drawing, reading, and helping those around me! I truly hope with my writings I'm able to leave this earth better than how it was when I arrived.