Review: Love, Simon

Young adult book-adaptations never tend to catch my eye, but with the release of “Love, Simon,” I might be able to get into them.

“Love, Simon” focuses on teenager, Simon Spier, as he struggles to hold his life together (I can relate) as he deals with a classmate who blackmails him by threatening to force him out of the closet to his entire school.

What really drew me to this movie, besides the soundtrack, was the idea that this movie is focusing on a gay romance rather than your typical young adult movie romance. The premise of this movie reflects the changing views of society and its acceptance of homosexual relationships.

Simon is portrayed by Nick Robinson, an actor whose many roles in recent action and young adult movies have thrust him into the spotlight. His role as Simon really highlights his flexibility as an actor and he portrays him with strong emotion and power, without feeling cliché or gimmicky. This movie makes me ask myself “What other roles can he play?”

This movie portrays gay romance in such a casual way, and it makes me so happy that movies like “Love, Simon” exhibits that young love is acceptable in all shapes and forms.

As the movie follows Simon, his three best friends find themselves growing distant from him as he tries to hide his sexual orientation from them. His friends, portrayed by Katherine Langford, Alexandra Shipp, and Jorge Lendeborg Jr., play a great supporting role in the film, and they successfully pull off the ultimate definition of “squad goals,” without feeling too obnoxious or off-putting.

What makes this movie so special is that it doesn’t just feel like any other young adult book adaptation film. It tries something completely different and it works in all the ways that it should. This movie is definitely one I will be getting on DVD.