Royal Wedding VS. Everyday Wedding

The royal wedding took place on May 19th in St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle. This elaborate event was seen by millions, but how does it compare to a regular wedding?

The cost for the royal wedding was about £32,099,873, as reported by METRO. That converts to roughly 42,867,872.00 US dollars. A lot more than some of us would like to spend on a wedding, huh?

Compared to a regular wedding in America, the cost would be between $25,764 and $32,205. But that’s not the only difference between a royal wedding and a normal one.

“The ratings company says 29 million people tuned in to the wedding across 15 different broadcast and cable networks,” said Forbes.

Not only that, but hundreds of people showed up to actually watch the event. Average weddings typically have between 20-200 guests, and they aren’t usually televised either! Most of us also can’t imagine spending more than $500 on a cake.

“Harry and Meghan’s £50,000 wedding cake made with 200 Amalfi lemons, 10 bottles of elderflower cordial and decorated with peonies and roses that guest will tuck into at their wedding reception,” said Mirror.

So I guess it’s safe to say that the royal wedding is very different from the average weddings we’re used to.


Staff writer Shelby Hudgens contributed to this feature.