Santa Fe shooting raises safety concerns

After the recent shooting in Santa Fe that took the lives of 10 students, concerns on the safety of students have increased, with AISD officials forced to handle the situation with care.

“We want to assure you that we are committed to the safety and security of all of our students and staff,” AISD superintendent Marcelo Cavazos said. “We believe our campuses are safe, and we continue to work to make them safer.”

Superintendent Cavazos is working to make our schools safer, with increased training regimens being given to school administrators and security, courtesy of the Arlington Police Department.

“Our collaboration with the Arlington Police Department is vital to school safety,” Cavazos said. “The APD is a resource for us in the assessment of physical security for campuses and assists in the periodic review of crisis plans.”

Mr. Hagman has made announcements and rules since the shooting to establish his ideals in making Lamar a safer place, including a ban on backpacks on final exam days. His plans are meant for our school to take further steps toward weapon prevention.

“Preventing weapons from making it into the school will require metal detectors at main entrances,” Hagman said. “A larger staff effort will be required.”

The students of Santa Fe may have returned, but the impact of that shooting remains.