Senior Buddy Griffith Claims Title of Mr. Viking 2018

Senior Buddy Griffith claimed the title Mr. Viking 2018 from 27 contestants on March 9. The annual beauty pageant-inspired contest was sponsored by Student Council.

“I didn’t even know I was going to be able to win,” Griffith said. “I am very ecstatic and extremely honored.”

Juniors Ryan Long, first runner-up, and Tristan Nguyen, second runner-up, also received honors. Mr. Heartthrob was junior Matt Lisius, who raised about $1700 for autism research.

“I always had a suspicion I was heartthrob material,” Lisius said. “But it’s not about me. It’s all about the kids.”

The show was hosted by faculty members Lori Woods and Greg Haugen who entertained the audience with a rendition of songs from “Little Shop of Horrors” while voting for Mr. Heartthrob was conducted.

“Hosting an event like this is exciting and life-changing,” Haugen said. “Although, I realize that I could lose my job at any moment.”

The first part of the show was the talent contest. Among the the standout talents was junior Jacob Cowart’s cheer routine, senior Kaden Hadawi performing the national anthem in the style of Fergie, and junior Ryan Long’s Napoleon Dynamite-inspired interpretive dance. The winner of the talent contest was senior Cade Tresch, who impressed the judges and the audience with his shadow dancing routine.

“It feels so awesome,” Tresch said. “It was such an honor to win Mr. Talent.”

Following the talent competition, the guys formed groups to perform dance routines in hopes of amazing the judges. Amongst the routines, there were costumes, songs that were released no earlier than 2009, twerking, breakdancing, and shirt-ripping. Not only did many of the routines astonish the audience and judges, but they caused a high amount of screaming. In the end, Group 5, which included Ryan Long, Jacob Cowart, senior Buddy Griffith, senior Jose Gutierrez, and took the win, for their twerk-based routine.

“My favorite part was definitely the twerking,” Cowart said. “The twerking is always the best part.”

The last contest of the night was the formal wear contest. While it might not have been clear who the winner was to the audience, especially when it’s mainly suits and tuxedos, the judges clearly rooted in favor of senior Dan Dihn, who took the title of Mr. Formal Wear.

“It feels really great,” Dihn said. “It only cost me $40 for $10 worth of coupons.”