You can drop off unwanted food and drink onto the Sharing Table and in the cooler as you come out of the lunch line.

Sharing Table eliminating waste and building community

All around the world, people are throwing away perfectly useable food and drink. This leads to a lot of waste and famine, especially in our schools. In order to help overcome these problems, Lamar is taking part in a new system called the “Sharing Table”.

A statement on the Sharing Table website said “The Sharing Table is a place where students can place unopened food and drinks that they choose not to eat or drink.”

Items that can be placed on the table include pre-packaged food, such as milk, cheese sticks, yogurt, crackers, cereal bars, and chips. You can also drop off wrapped fruits and vegetables and unwrapped whole fruits with an inedible peel, such as oranges or bananas. However, no items from home are allowed to be placed on the Sharing Table.

A student can place unwanted items on the table immediately after leaving the lunch line and others that are still hungry can go by and grab whatever they want.

The project has been a huge success so far with the table being filled up every day since the start of the Sharing Table last week.

“It definitely builds community because you have students understanding that there are others out there that might have a hard time paying for lunch everyday and don’t have what they need at home to bring their own lunch so they’re able to do something good by putting [food] in a community refrigerator or ice chest and help someone out,” said Assistant Principal Erin Fogleman.”It’s also kind of neat that as you’re walking through the cafeteria, you can grab a snack on your way to your class.”

Students and staff all agree that saving uneaten food instead of throwing it away is a great way to eliminate waste in school.

“I think the Sharing Table is a good idea because it helps eliminate hunger for many of our students,” ┬ásaid sophomore Lexie Woodall.

This project has had a great turnout so far and staff are hoping for a continuous growth in charity from students. The community at Lamar has grown stronger than ever and will continue to fortify thanks to the Sharing Table.

Emily Gauntt

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