Starting off with a Fest!

As the night began and students started arriving along with their parents the air seemed to become lighter. There were laughs and screams and worked up encouraging voices from students filling the packed band hall and promenade hallways as well as the cafeteria. Vikingfest was a night filled with events for those who happily joined in.

“I’m overwhelmingly excited to see all the clubs my students get involved in,” said Ms.Favor

The Army and Marines organizations had a pull up contest where if students reached at least one pull up they would be offered small prizes. The Lady ViQueens also seemed to have had enjoyed their time while kicking for money. For every quarter they would do one high kick, the girls were offered more than five dollars for 25 kicks.

“I think its kinda like how musicians go out and get money,” teacher Dr.Williams said. “More enthusiastic than last year.”

Vikingfest was filled with organizations looking for new recruits for our 2018-2019 school year.

“I think STUCO, Key Club, and HOSA are among the most popular because they motivate you to do something for others and not just for yourself,” sophomore Aspen Cage said.