Stephen Hawking’s Death

Stephen Hawking, famed theoretical physicist and scientist of our times unfortunately passed in the early morning of March 14th surrounded by family and loved ones at the age of 75.

Hawking was remembered for his groundbreaking work and ideas that helped shape modern science in a way unprecedented since the very beginning of the deep and complex subject that still continues to elude us today. For example, when Hawking proved the first of many singularity theorems. Singularity is a region of space where the density of matter, and the curvature of space time becomes infinite. Singularity exists inside black holes and it has been proven that a singularity led to the creation of the universe itself.

But not only that, he was regarded for his character as well. Seen by friends and family as a charismatic, relentlessly hard working man that let him introduce himself more as not only a public figure but beloved one at that.

And while such a pedestal would be an honor for anyone to simply stand on, Stephen Hawking stood on it far longer than anyone could’ve began to expected. His early diagnosed disease of ALS that was initially expected to take the then 21 year old man in a mere five years had not only failed for over half a century, but never held him back in the accomplishments of his life.

“Stephen was far from being the archetypal unworldly or nerdish scientist. His personality remained amazingly unwarped by his frustrations,” Said astronomer royal, Lord Rees. “Few, if any, of Einstein’s successors have done more to deepen our insights into gravity, space, and time.”

And of his insights, he found ideas such as Hawking radiation in which he shattered the science world by figuring that black holes – initially thought to be endless vortexes – should emit heat and come to cease to exist in what can only be described as a ‘pop’, although in varying speeds and times depending on the size. This theory stirred each and every inch of the cosmology world for which he was profound in, for it contradicted what was thought to be one of the most basic laws. Though he was brought to relent at least partly in this idea, it brought a whole new level of understanding that we would’ve never come to know without his great and intelligent mind.

But for all that’s talked about of his scientific achievements and teaching, Stephen Hawking was still part of a family, as both a father to three children and a grandfather as well. And while he was known for his ups and downs, he still treasured those he loved and brought a joy and brightness to the world that no one could deny. It’s only a shame that we lost that.

He once said: “It would not be much of a universe if it wasn’t home to the people you love.”

And the universe is now a bit less of a home without him as well.