The Lady Vikes Strike Again

Winning the game against Paschal and Sam Houston this past week was a great victory for the varsity volleyball team at Lamar high school.Since the game against Paschal the game behavior has improved greatly.


On the night against Paschal , the student section was reacting to the referees , the opposing team and their section negatively.They were booing and demanding the score be removed from Paschal and given go us.Even though that game was a victory for Lamar , Principal Hagman was still disappointed in some of the students.


“You can’t control what another school is going to do , and the whole night our crowd had wonderful energy and was responding very well to the game before the negative behavior” said Mr.Hagman.


“I don’t like the negative behavior of the crowd because I feel like it’s very un-sportsman like , but sometimes its just about of sports” said Coach Woodman.


Even though the behavior affected the crowd from both sides , it didn’t affect the volleyball team’s play. They were able to keep their head in the game , and win for their school. Precautions are going to be made to prevent the negative conduct from happening again and to ensure that is doesn’t get out of hand.


“I don’t think it really affect the girls at all because they were so focused on what was happening on our side of the net , that they kind of blocked it out , and zoned out from what was happening outside the court” said Coach Woodman.


Next week on October 9 , Lamar’s lady vikings will be playing Arlington High School at Lamar at 6:30 so be sure to come and sure your positive viking spirit.



Naarah Addae

My name is Naarah-Moriah Addae. I am currently a senior and a part of the Varsity Cheer team. I have been a part of the Lamar Scroll for two years now and I enjoy writing features, and on a rare occasion sports stories. I plan on attending NYU and studying pre-law, and then moving into criminal law.