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The Lamar Band Family

Out of all of the extracurriculars at Lamar, Band is one of the most rigorous. Mr. Alan Lang, the Band Director, has 151 students he has to instruct. They put in many hours perfecting their halftime, contest and concert performances.

Drum Majors, Pablo Sanchez Rojas, Julie Nickols and Vanessa Rodriguez are student directors of the band, keeping them disciplined and in order.

“Attitude and actions count a lot in band,” Pablo said.

Before practicing for two to three hours a day, they make time for study hall. Like other sports, no pass, no play.

There are different sections in band, everyone is in marching band and in some type of concert band. Concert bands consist of wind symphony, symphonic band, freshman band, jazz beginning and ensemble, percussion ensemble, symphony, color guard and winter guard.

“We perform the competition show at away games and home games. In the stands we play ‘stand tunes’ which are usually various pop tunes that sound good when arranged for marching band,” Mr. Lang said. “The drum line plays drum cadences which the students love to dance to.”

After spending so much time together, it’s obvious they all have a close relationship.

“It’s very bonding,” Vanessa said. “You start becoming like a family.”

They support each other no matter what conflicts they come across.

“The band is basically a second family because, we spend a ton of time together,” Julie Nickols said. “Although we fight sometimes, we always have each others best interest in mind.”

Over time, the band students grow together. The scores may not always be perfect, but they improve as people.

“As I’ve gotten older I’ve grown with the band and seen what a great thing I’m a part of and how I can contribute to it,” Nickols said. “We grow as marchers, musicians, and people. The band is a wonderful thing to be a part of.”

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