Miami, Fl, USA - October 16, 2013: A close up shot of an open fish bowl shaped plastic vessel containing 62 Tide Brand Pods capsules. Each dissolvable capsule consists of pre- measured amounts of detergent,stain remover and brightener for one load of laundry.

Tide Pod Challenge takes over the Internet

Fumbling around the internet, looking for cat videos to watch, I came across a new challenge: The Tide Pod Challenge.

If you’re not familiar with this challenge, it simply involves someone with a camera filming themselves biting into one of the laundry detergent pods.

It’s not entirely weird that you might want to try one of those little pods. They’re colorful, pleasing to look at, and they smell delightful. But I am not about to place one of them into my mouth.

According to Gonzago Bulletin’s neuroanthropologist  John Allen, “candy is made with bright colors to attract the attention of children, and as we grow older the association of those bright colors never really go away.”

Supposedly this challenge began in 2015 when a college student posted a video of him consuming a pod because of a dare.

A spokesperson for the American Association of Poison Control Centers stated that, “ the first 11 days of 2018, it was reported that there had been 40 exposures to liquid laundry detergent pods by teenagers ranging from ages 13-19”.

You would think that teenagers are smart enough to understand the dangers of putting non-edible contents into their mouth; however, that appears to not be the case.

In a interview with CNN, Dr. Rais Vohra, a medical toxicologist at UCSF Fresno, said, “The chemicals inside the pods can cause burns in the mouth if the liquid bursts open and goes in the back of the throat, which would include an ER visit or an ICU admission.”

There was many claims about Tide discontinuing their pod products because of the copious amounts of consumption.

Lucky for me this isn’t true because I use the product as it is intended.

On  Jan. 23, the Tide Company tweeted, “It’s a complete hoax. Tide Pods are used safely by millions of households across the country every day. We will continue to offer liquid laundry packets, together with other detergent forms.”