Tennis team dominates Arlington 19-0

The tennis team beat Arlington High School’s team by a wide margin Tuesday night, and is working to set up big rematches.

“From here, our hope is to go against Martin and Paschal again,” assistant coach Kayce Hackney said. “We lost 9-10 against both teams”

The team has performed strongly this season, with a 19-0 win over Bowie and 15-4 win over North Crowley, and many of the wins are being attributed to the new freshmen on the team.

“They’re like our pupils,” junior Neeka Mardani said. “I’m excited to see the freshmen grow as players.”

The top freshman, Cambry Mitchell, dominated both her doubles match (8-1) and her singles match (6-3, 6-1). She is one of six freshmen to join the Varsity team this year.

“I feel very accomplished,” Mitchell said. “I was really worried that I wouldn’t make it on the team. I wanna be #1.”

Many of the underclassmen are proving they deserve to be on the team. Sophomore Jackson McKay came out on top in both his doubles (8-3) and singles (6-1, 6-2) matches. He has much anticipation for future play.

“I know I have a lot of work ahead,” McKay said. “I’m excited to play Paschal and Martin to get redemption.”

Freshman Emily Wilson pulled through with the closest match of the day, winning her singles match 9-7 after being down 3-4.

“It was all about keeping the mentality of winning and giving 110%,” Wilson said. “I’m happy that my team is happy.”

Wilson won big in her doubles match, as did the rest of her team. It was a clean sweep on the doubles side for Lamar. Among all of the victories was an 8-2 win for mixed doubles partners senior Robert Keathley and junior Elise Seidenstein.

“The entire team is a giant family,” Seidenstein said. “I really like getting to play with people I know.”

While the team has endured a noticeable change in the roster, the everlasting bond between the members is strong.