Veteran’s Day Assembly Hosted for Students

When I think of Veteran’s Day, it can make me a little emotional. This day celebrates all those people who served in the wars that made us the country we are today.

Veteran’s Day gives us a chance to say “Thank you” to all of the men and women who gave up so much of their lives just so we could live ours to the fullest.

Being in a military family, this day is very important to me, and it brings back memories. My 3 eldest brothers graduated from boot camp and went on to serve in places like Europe, South Asia, and Hawaii. I lost the oldest my oldest brother almost 6 years ago, so celebrating Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, and other patriotic holidays helps me remember how much those in the military sacrifice for us.

To prepare students for this day, the Veteran’s Day Commitee hosted a Veteran’s Assembly for students to attend. Speakers at this assembly included LTC Kevin Smith and Becky Welch. “You all have the right to choose what to do because you live in a country where men and women fight for your freedom”, Welch said to the assembly.

Many teachers took the assembly to reflect on their families’ military history. “My dad was a veteran, my husband was a veteran, and my brother is currently serving”, German teacher Morgan Justice said.

This day is important for everyone, even those who haven’t served. “We need not to just recognize the veterans, but the family members as well”, Kevin Smith said. “The value of Veteran’s Day is to make us look back on a history of sacrifice”.