Vikingfest 2017

by Shelby Hudgens

With diverse clubs, spirit shirts, and dazzling performances, Vikingfest is an amazing way for students to get in touch with their interests and be more active in the school by joining clubs and organizations that capture their attention.

“Vikingfest was a really cool way to welcome the freshmen or any new student to Lamar,” said junior orchestra member Natalie Russell. “Everyone was friendly, cheerful and overall presented themselves in a warming presence.”

This event is also a really great opportunity for students to help out with their organizations by working them throughout the night in order to raise funds.

“We sold 25 shirts and over 40 snacks. We got lots of money and a new team member.” Said junior wrestling member Kaitlin Bridges, a student who helped man the booth.

Being involved in clubs and organizations is part of what makes high school memorable, especially if it’s something you really love.