Vikings & Golf UIL

In the coming weeks on the 14-15th, Boys Golf will have their annual UIL Golf Meet at not only a regional level but a state level as well. Making Caleb Hicks the only competitor for Lamar this year.

“His success has been unparalleled in my golf coaching experience at Lamar. I’ve never had a player go to state two times.” Said coach Garry Webb. “To my knowledge he’s the only player in the history of Lamar to go to state two times.”

The competition, held at Legacy Hill Golf Club in Georgetown will more than likely be a 36-hole tournament taking place throughout the coming school weeks. Of which, Caleb is set to participate.

“I hope that he can medal at state,” Said Webb. “It’s a validation of the work we try to do to get kids better. For Caleb it’s definitely a reflection of his talent, how hard he’s worked, and a real tribute to his dad’s legacy.”

However, regardless of the results, Caleb has already brought pride to the Viking name through his work alone. And through it all, it’s sure to only grow.