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World Trends: Through the Ages

Pretty much throughout history, we’ve seen all kinds of hideous- and even painful- trends that have taken over citizens all throughout the world. And we’re not just talking fashion.

Dating back to before the 12th century, binded feet were a necessity for Chinese woman- particularly in the Song Dynasty- who wished to be married, or even to have a place in society. Foot binding is the practice of applying tight binding to you women’s feet, permanently altering the shape. For eight centuries after, this trend turned tradition prevailed, until 1912 when it became illegal.

“Europeans condemned Chinese foot binding, but any society that had invented the corset had a lot to answer for.” Said Mary Jo Putney in her book The China Bride.

Which brings us to: the corset. Apparently binding the woman’s body is a real hit- and not just in China!

The funny thing is, people still use corsets today to conform their body to meet their own standards. But these trends were considered classy and expected of women back then, unlike some today.

“I know Crocs are affordable. Well, so are Converse and lots of other brands that don’t look like hooves.” Said fashion icon and Project Runway co-host, Tim Gunn.

Crocs: you laugh when you see ‘em.

These chunky shoes were pretty popular in the early 2000’s, mainly with kids. Cheap and fun, which means parents loved them as well! They’re even coming out with a heel version.

Let’s hope it doesn’t stick!