Arming Teachers and why it’s a Mistake

In the latest news, President, Donald Trump, claims to want to give teachers firearms.

Apparently to put it in ‘his terms’ Trump stated he wanted to “look at the possibility of giving concealed guns to gun adept teachers with military or special training experience.”

What he doesn’t realize is that most teachers are trained in teaching – not using firearms.

He doesn’t seem to realize that guns shouldn’t be in schools in the first place.

Unfortunately, if he needs proof the recent event in Georgia, is more than enough.

Recently, on Feb 28th, Dalton High School in Northwest Georgia, a teacher – yes a teacher that Trump would’ve liked to arm – brought a gun, barricaded himself in his classroom, and proceeded to fire a shot through a window.

A supposedly well-liked teacher, favorited by students could’ve started another shooting – just 650 miles away from Parkland.

“Sure they can go through background checks and make sure they’re mentally stable but things can happen,” Said student Chondi Chastain “You never know what can cause someone to break. Mr. Davidson seemed completely fine. He was nice and funny and a great teacher. He hadn’t committed a crime. You never know what’s going on inside a person’s head.”

This isn’t rocket science.

At the very least, imagine the scenarios that could arise in the cross-fire of an armed teacher against an armed gunman.

What if the teacher is shot? Now the shooter has another loaded weapon.

What if the teacher attempts to shoot amongst the fleeing students and the shooter and a child is shot and killed?

What if police might not be aware of whether an armed teacher is the gunman and fire on them?

This should be clear to see. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

We can’t even pay for our teachers to have proper supplies, they have to scrounge money out of their own wallets due to their wages being on the poverty-level.

It’s not like they’re providing countless children with education on a daily basis after all, so let’s give them weapons instead of common decency.

While people up in our government legislation live in the lap of luxury trying to take away human rights, like Net Neutrality or by defending the NRA, they ignore the cries of school shooting victims to protect their own egos.

Even according to the Economic Policy Institute, “public school teachers’ wages were 17% lower than those of comparable workers.”

Trump wants to give them guns? Which will solve absolutely nothing at all.

Teachers deserve a decent wage.

They deserve respect.

But it doesn’t look like we’re not giving them either.