Bond Package for Improvement in District Passes

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A $966 million bond package in order to further improve campus life, programs, and district-wide amenities was approved on the November 5th ballot.  

The large sum of money would be designed to build upon the past 2014 District Bond Program in order to address four specific issues expressed district wide: facilities, fine arts, transportation, and safety. How those issues intend to be addressed in exacts is yet unknown, but one can imagine with students from financially struggling families and the impending threat of mass shootings in recent years, where the concerns might’ve arisen. 

“Building improvements are planned for all schools,” Said AISD Superintendent Marcelo Cavazos. “The majority of the proposed bond program is for renovations and rebuilding facilities to address significant condition needs.” 

A major point of the bond is in fact the renovation of the district’s oldest schools such as Carter Jr. High and general upgrades of a variety of facilities to better quality – one of the most notable being that of the buses, fine arts instruments, and uniforms.  

“The orchestra dresses are uncomfortable and unflattering on everyone,” Said senior Abby Smith. “They’re too long and all everyone constantly trip over them. On top of that they offer no wind resistance so cold air goes directly through.”  

The district provided numerous videos elaborating on their plans with the passage of the package including specific videos for each individual topic. Those videos can be found here.

“As a Board, we are excited about giving our voters the opportunity to address so many district needs that directly affect our students.” said President of the Board of Trustees for AISD Kecia Mays

The decision of the board came from an extensive study consisting of a committee of parents, teachers, principals, community members, business representatives, and college representatives. The committee hopes the package will tackle the district’s most intense and invasive issues, and that these priorities will reach through 2025 in their goal for a better environment for students and educators alike.

“On behalf of the Arlington ISD, I want to thank our community for voting in support of this bond package,” said Dr. Cavazos. “Thank you for your continuing commitment to our students and faculty.”

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