Journalism Students Receive UIL Honors

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Over the weekend, five Lamar journalists convened at a neighboring Arlington campus for the much anticipated UIL competition.

Saturday’s event included participants from AISD high schools, Grand Prairie High School and South Grand Prairie High School. The journalism categories were: Copy Editing, Editorial Writing, Feature Writing Headline Writing and News Writing.

The Lamar team featured DaZiah Knox (senior), Healey Walker (senior), John Casey (senior), Akeylia Walker (freshman) and Isabella Cortez (senior). Only Cortez and Knox participated in the competition in recent years.

As the Lamar Scroll Editor-in-Chief, Knox was excited to return to the competition where she has been very successful. She took on the challenge of Editorial Writing, Feature Writing and News Writing.

Cortez, a columnist and feature writer for the Lamar Scroll participated in Editorial Writing, Headline Writing and News Writing.

Scroll writer John Casey competed in both the Editorial Writing and Feature Writing categories.

Valhalla Yearbook Editor Healey Walker has been a loyal student in the journalism program for multiple years, however, she never competed in the UIL Journalism competitions before Saturday. She welcomed the challenge this year and participated in Feature Writing, Headline Writing and News Writing.

Akeylia Walker is a ninth grade journalism student and eager to grow with the program. She willingly signed up to compete in two of the more difficult categories: Copy Editing and Headline Writing.

Lamar Student Media is incredibly proud of our participants this year.

The following staffers placed in Saturday’s competition and are Regional Qualifiers:

Isabella Cortez:  2nd Place in News Writing, 4th Place in Editorial Writing and 4th Place in Headline Writing.

DaZiah Knox:  2nd Place in Editorial Writing and 4th Place in Feature Writing

Healey Walker: 2nd Place in Feature Writing, 3rd Place in News Writing and 5th Place in Headline Writing.

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