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Staying Happy and Healthy in Quarantine

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Your family is starting to get on your last nerve and you haven’t gone out with your best friend in months. School work seems to be piling up and there’s nothing fun to do without breaking the quarantine rules. There’s that word again, he who must not be named. How is this not over yet?

We have been in this pandemic since March and while it might seem hard to do so, we must try our best to stay healthy and motivated. 

Make sure to keep your body moving. This is especially important after sitting in front of your computer for school all day. Something as simple as a walk around your neighborhood is a great start. If you want a change of scenery, visit a park like River Legacy to walk the long trails.

“Take at least 30 minutes out of your day and go out for a walk, jog, or run,” junior editor Asiah Darden-Simmons said. 

Try different forms of exercise. You might prefer walking or jogging while others might prefer full body workouts or weight training. If you’re at home and don’t have any workout equipment, full body workouts are a great alternative. Junior Corey Love gets his exercise through his Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) basketball team, but due to current events, he has spent less time on the court and more time in the workout and training room.

“My motivation is wanting to be the best one out there,” Love said. “That has always and will forever be my motivation before, during, and after the pandemic.”

While you’re on that fitness grind, try cooking something healthy for you or your family. Search for random, fun, and easy meals on Pinterest or watch an interesting cooking show.

“Cooking is something important for everyone to learn, so why not use your family as guinea pigs?” senior editor Marissa Reyes said.

Get creative, whether it’s through painting, creating videos on platforms like YouTube and TikTok, or watching other videos on there that inspire you.

“TikTok has given me so many fun ideas to do around the house, such as recipe ideas for cooking, fun crafts, new bedroom ideas, and so much more,” junior Jordan Patterson said.

However, when it is time to work on school, start putting those electronic distractions away. Senior Luis Villegas recommends using apps and browser extensions like Flipd, Flora, and Stayfocused that encourage you to limit distractions on your electronic devices, allowing you to work more efficiently. Many phones also have an option to apply time limits to certain apps under your settings.

“Avoiding social media sites, or cell phones as a whole, to allow more time for productivity,” Villegas said.

Another way to increase your productivity in school is to separate your work environment from your rest environment, while also keeping everything organized. You could do class work at your desk or kitchen table instead of in your bed. While it may be comfortable to stay in bed all day, it’s a danger to your productivity.

“It is immensely helpful to organize the workspace and keep all distractions away as much as possible,” Villegas said. “Clean the room or office space you use for work and create an organization system to reduce stress and create a positive mindset.”

And lastly, make sure to have down time every now and then. This pandemic on top of school and trying to remain sane can be a lot to handle at times. Junior Tyianna Millsap suggests that you read a new book in a genre that you enjoy or meditate before going to bed.

“These activities will make being in quarantine less stressful,” Millsap said. “Being in quarantine should not stop you from having a happy, healthy life.”

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