Students attend Viking Fest

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On Aug. 24, Lamar hosted Viking Fest from 6:30-8 p.m. in the Cafeteria and Promenade Hall. 

Viking Fest is an opportunity for clubs, booster clubs and organizations to promote themselves and recruit new people. It’s always held at the beginning of the year to help inform people about what kind of clubs and organizations are available. 

“Viking Fest this year was a lot of fun, I feel like it was a really good turn out,” Assistant Principal Stacey Williams said. 

There were different types of clubs that participated in this event. It was mostly local campus clubs, but there were a few community organizations like Archery for the City of Arlington. 

“We had 30 clubs participate this year,” Williams said.

Many students joined clubs and signed up for organizations. It also benefits fundraising for school activities. 

“I joined Student Council and Key Club,” junior Sharmaine Udoubak said. 

Viking Fest only happens once every school year. People who attended the event said they had a great time and can’t wait to go next school year. 

“My favorite part was talking to people and figuring out what clubs I would fit in best,” Udoubak said. 

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