Students decorate doors, represent HBCUs

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As part of a collaboration with the Black Student Union, the African-American studies students will decorate classroom doors with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) information.

BSU’s co-sponsor Vera McDaniels-Madison came up with the idea of decorating classroom doors with HBCU schools. She enlisted the help of Raquel Bailey, who is the teacher of African-American studies at Lamar. McDaniels-Maddison and her students have received  a positive response from teachers and staff since announcing their plans on this upcoming endeavor.

“I think I got a good turnout. I got 47 teachers that responded to it,” Bailey said. “I got the main office involved in it, so I think it’s been a good response.”

The students also seem ready to kick-off the start of Black History Month with some HBCU representation.

“I think the kids are pretty much excited about putting up the doors and doing some decorations for Black History Month in general,” Bailey said.

For every HBCU shown on the doors, a QR code will be linked with more information about the school.

“The schools are more so informing them that there’s different possibilities,” Bailey said.

A lot of the main HBCU schools we hear about are  Howard University or Spelman College, but there are a lot more options available.

“If I can get them to recognize that there’s some even closer to home or in other places that they may want to attend then that’s  really the whole goal to all of this,” Bailey said. 

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