Blue Curtain reflects on unique experiences

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With a welcoming and healthy environment, Blue Curtain has brought about unique and memorable experiences.
Blue Curtain at Lamar is more than a class for students to showcase their acting skills. For students, it feels like a family that shows up for each other to put up a great production, while having fun.

“I love the environment. You can be in a theater class here, but it’s not the same,” junior Mia Mckean said.

Throughout the years, Blue Curtain has had a lot of different transitions and every year’s uniqueness is based on who is in the class. Each student brings their own special spirit and skill to the table to make all experiences different from the rest.

“Some years we’ve had more tech students than we’ve had actors, but in recent years it’s been more acting students than tech,” director Patrick Holcomb said.
With Blue Curtain being a class you have to be accepted into, students may feel that there’s a competitive spirit in the air, but for its members, that’s not the case. Directors make it a priority for all to feel accepted and welcomed no matter what a student’s background in theater.

“At first I was scared, but the people and directors are genuinely amazing people,” senior Toni Shanan said.

Blue Curtain also participates in the Texas State Thespian Festival every year, This is where students can venture out of their comfort zones, meet new people and attend classes to further their knowledge on theater, while also having fun.

“Going to Thespian Festival with everyone, watching plays and doing workshops is definitely my favorite moment we’ve made,” junior Trinity Kelly said.
Blue Curtain really builds their connections by the amount of time they spend with each other. With the weeks it takes to prepare for the fall play, one-act and musical, members can’t help but to create a bond and memorable experiences.

“The thing I love about the Blue Curtain is the connection you have with your classmates,” junior Emma Woodley said. “It feels like you have this family that loves and supports you, and it’s like you have a safe place that you can be yourself in.”

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