Administrators crack down on bus IDs

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To keep students safe at Lamar, administrators have highly suggested that students wear a bus ID to keep everyone safe.

Transportation and safety are a big deal for Lamar, that is why bus IDs have been provided to students who ride the bus in the morning or after school. Many students have complained about bus IDs and how they are causing long lines to get onto the buses and causes students longer time to get home after a long day of school.

“I am tired after I get out of school. The last thing I want to do is wait in line to scan my ID and then wait longer to go home,” senior Alejandro Hernandez said. “I don’t think they keep us much more safe, in fact it makes me feel more uncomfortable just waiting in a line outside.“ 

More than half of the staff at Lamar agree that students do need bus IDs while they are at Lamar. Not only wearing them on the bus, but wearing them during school to help staff know the student belongs at Lamar and to identify which bus students are supposed to take home.

“Number one thing is to know which bus that they should ride and number two is to know that they are supposed to be riding a bus in the first place,” assistant principal Brad Davis said. “I think they are amazing and I wish we could combine bus IDs with regular IDs to help with attendance and know when kids are at school and when they aren’t.”

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