Blue Curtain gets ready to perform ‘The Puffs’

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On Oct. 26, Lamar’s Blue Curtain will begin to perform a production called “The Puffs” from 7 – 8:30 p.m. 

The production will be held in the Auditorium. It will also be performed on Oct. 27 and 29. Tickets will goon sale this week. 

“I’m excited for the show, it’s going to be so much fun,” Blue Curtain Director Patrick Holcomb said. 

This production will be a parody of Harry Potter, but it will mainly focus on the “Hufflepuffs” instead of the “Gryffindors.” It will show the audience the life of the Hufflepuffs throughout the seven years of Hogwarts. 

“If you love ‘Harry Potter’ you’ll love it and if you hate ‘Harry Potter’ you will also love it, because it makes fun of it,” Holcomb said.

Blue Curtain held auditions for members in the first week of August and Rehearsals started the first week of school. They had a camp that took place on campus. 

“I was excited to audition for the show,” junior Laila Blackmon said. 

There will be a few characters that are well known in the Harry Potter films that will appear  in the show. For example, one character that will popup in the production is Harry Potter himself. 

“I portray two characters, Susie Bones and Harry Potter,” Senior Hannah Head said. “I like them both because they are both weird and wacky in many funny ways.” 

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