Lamar’s Black Student Union is open to all

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The Black Student union is a way for black culture to be presented in a positive light and bring upon cultural awareness to Lamar.

Lamar’s Black Student Union is held every other Wednesday after school where they discuss different activities to conduct during the school year. For the most part, the club is student led, but the teachers do help with the major parts such as getting activities on the calendar. Since this club has been a part of Lamar, it has helped transition the school into a culturally responsive place.

“I think that BSU and its members help to create an environment where cultural diversity is appreciated,” BSU co-sponsor Vera McDaniels-Madison said.

President of BSU Paige Cummings said she thinks the BSU is a good organization.

“I get to see all different people come together doing things for their community, for the school, for themselves, and for the people around them,” she said.  “It’s pretty good.”

The Black Student Union is not just exclusive to only black members, they proudly welcome different types of races or mixed races to the discussion and are not afraid to explore other aspects of blackdiversity within the community.

“If you’re black, you’re black. You can be light skinned, dark skinned, whatever you may be,”Cummings said. “You being you… if you just come in through these doors, we will always welcome you with open arms.”

Anyone is welcome to become a member of the BSU, McDaniels-Madison said. 

“We celebrate many aspects… the black latinos, the Africans, all the different religions.Everything is represented here because it’s really just a catch of all people…all types of people that are part of the African-Aamerican community.”
TheBSU is very cooperative in making sure it’s flexible around each and every student’s schedule.

“Last year my schedule did clash with the BSU meetings and I went to go talk to our sponsors which are Ms. Madison and Ms. Sigler,” Cummings said. “They try to keep it balanced for everybody, so if you do sports and … have practice at 3 p.m…ok, well on the days you don’t have practice.

She said BSU encourages students to come on whatever days students can come.Students are always welcome to come and the leaders can catch them up on what BSM is doing.

“It’s not really that hard because if you want to work with us, we will work with you also,” Cummings said.

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