Parents prepare to meet teachers

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Students can participate in Open House at Lamar from 6 p.m. o 8 p.m. on Sept. 8.

Teachers are starting to get prepared to meet their student’s parents for the first time face to face this year. Most are excited to experience this opportunity, since last year’s school open house was virtual. Students will be able to show off their Viking pride in person to parents and teachers this year.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing parents in person, it didn’t really work out last year over Zoom, it just wasn’t fun,” said Sandra Geil, one of Lamar’s world history teachers. ​​

Open House gives parents and students the chance to get acquainted with the teacher (or teachers), see the school building and classrooms, and get a quick overview of class expectations and the year’s curriculum. Open House can also give teachers a chance to gain parents’ support, create a personal connection with them, and establish ways for continued communication throughout the school year.

We are looking forward to getting to meet and communicate with the teachers face-to-face..,” Lisa Wilson, a parent of the PTA at Lamar, said. “It is always a great opportunity as a parent to understand what the teachers’ expectations are.”

Parents wondering what to expect from their child’s teacher are more than welcome to participate in Open House and find out what it’s like to show Viking pride at Lamar.

“Open House is wonderful, frustrating, and important all in one, but mostly wonderful because we get to meet the parents,” Geil said.

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