Viking Fest shows off Lamar’s extracurriculars

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Lamar’s Viking Fest will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 1 at 6 p.m. outside the entrance of the Promenade.

Viking Fest is an event where all of Lamar’s clubs gather so students can check them out to find extra curricular activities that spark their interest. Also, students can buy Lamar merchandise and eat food while hanging out with friends.

“Students should go to Viking Fest because it’s a great opportunity to be a part of school festivities and meet new people,” senior Kierra Moore said.

Assistant Principal Carlyon Longoria will oversee this year’s Viking Fest and make sure that all of Lamar’s clubs and organizations are represented.

“I look forward to seeing the excitement,” Longoria said. “It’s fun to see all the groups come together and promote their organizations.”

During Viking Fest, students can expect to see clubs you such as Key Club, a club that encourages students to show leadership through serving others; the Art Club, for students who have a strong desire and talent in art; and the Future Farmers of America (FFA), for students who have a strong passion for animals. There will be many other clubs and organizations to cater to other student interests and passions.

“Students should go to Viking Fest because there are many clubs to choose from that they can express themselves and also make new friends,” senior Linda Trejo said.

Students interested in finding out more about themselves and making new friends might find those things at this year’s Viking Fest.

“High school is all about learning about yourself and trying something new,” World History teacher Sandra Geil said. “I encourage students to attend and explore themselves.”

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